Treating Post Thoracotomy Pain with Cryoanalgesia

If you are suffering from post-thoracotomy pain, you know how difficult it is to find relief. For many people, traditional pain relief methods may reduce the pain, but they do not completely eliminate the associated pain. Because of this, many patients are turning to a new medical approach to assist with pain and recovery.

If you are searching for a pain relief option that does not involve taking a handful of pills, cryoanalgesia may be exactly what you are looking for. There are many different approaches to cryoanalgesia, but you should ensure that you have found the right physician for your individual needs by interviewing certified doctors in Cryoanalgesia Johnson County KS.

What Evidence is Available?
There is a wealth of information available through medical journals about the benefits of cryanalgesia and post-thoracotomy pain relief. Careful analysis of information provided by twelve well-researched journal articles that review studies completed on the cryoanalgesia and its ability to aid in recovery and reduce the associated pain. There were a number of factors analyzed, all of which are important to a patient interested in cryanalgesia.

The factors we are focused on are:

  • Pain scores
  • Opiate pain relief requirements
  • Loss of sensitivity to touch
  • Changes in lung function

Other Factors to Take into Account
Other factors that must be taken into consideration are:

  • The source of cryoanalgesia
  • The duration of the procedure
  • The temperature obtained
  • The extent of the blockade
  • Whether Drainage tubes were required after the thoracotomy

The Overall Results
Even though the number of intercostal nerves were different, patients were able to achieve a fair degree of pain relief. The amount of pain experienced after the thoracotomy was increased in patients who required drainage tube, but this did not factor into the relief experienced from the cryoanalgesia procedure.

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There are a number of factors to consider in determining whether cryoanalgesia is an effective treatment method for post-thorocotomy, pain relief. While cryoanalgesia is capable of relieving a large percentage of pain associated with the procedure, it is not able to completely eliminate the pain associated. It was found to reduce the quantity and dosage of opiate pain medications required to relieve a patient’s pain, and it was shown to reduce the amount of time necessary for patients to heal after surgery.

Treating Post-Thorocotomy Pain with Cryanalgeisa
Currently, even with the most recent study results available, there is no medical evidence supporting the use of cryangalesia as a standalone treatment for post-thorocotomy pain relief. However, it has shown significant benefits, especially in reducing the use of opiates used, and reducing the risk of opiate dependency.

With many patients being concerned with the risk of becoming addicted to opiate based pain medications, they find great relief in knowing they can reduce the amount of time they will be on the medication.