Treat Bladder Infection Properly In Easy Step By Step Guide


There are many diseases that can infect you and make permanent damage is the infection spreads to other organs. One of the most common infections is bladder infection, this kind of infection will affect your kidneys and damaging your whole body if you are not treats them properly. There are many ways to treat your bladder infection. However, if you are not treating bladder infection properly, you might not able to cure the bladder infection or even helping the infection spreading. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to treat a bladder infection properly.

The first step is consult with your doctor. Usually a doctor will provide you a variety of antibiotics to treat your bladder infections, such as amoxicillin, ampicillin and ciprofloxacin. Make sure to ask about each of this antibiotic function and how you should take them. Your doctor will provide doses according to the severity of the infection. I recommend you to ask for augmentin for amoxicillin for the best result to cure your bladder infection. To lessen pain, you might need to take an analgesic so you won’t feel too much pain when urinating.

The next step is tried to drink and eat healthily. You might want to try cranberry juice, because cranberry juice is having anti infection property. This infection fighting property will be able to relieve your bladder infection and improve your bladder. However, make sure to drink appropriately, and stop drinking if you are getting diarrhea. Fresh water is also capable to dilute your urine and remove any bacteria from your bladder, therefore make sure to drink regularly and properly.

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The next step is avoiding any drinks that capable to damage your bladder. Don’t drink any alcohol, caffeine or even acidic drink such as citrus juice. This kind of drink will irritate your bladder and open up any wound on your bladder. I recommend you to stop this kind of drinks until your bladder infection clears up and heals.

The next step is preventing for bladder infection coming back. Make sure that you are drinking enough water at least 237 ml glasses of water daily. Avoid any beverages such as alcohol, coffee or caffeine, cola and citrus juice, or reduce them.

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