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Is Collaborative Divorce in California An Option For Us? Read This Article to Learn More! Deciding to file for divorce is a challenge regardless of how amicable the situation is; there will undoubtedly be heartache when this choice is ultimately made. There are, however, a few ways to ease the stress of divorce, especially if you and your ex-spouse are getting along as well as can be expected given the circumstances. Collaborative divorce is one option that could be something for you to consider. Collaborative divorce makes it possible for couples who are breaking up to spend as little time dealing with the court system as they can; the majority of the individuals who go this route don’t ever have to step into a courtroom, in fact. Instead, the former spouses, their attorneys, and, in some cases, a family mediator, sit down together to determine how the divorce will be settled. As you probably assumed, collaborative divorce makes the most sense when ex husbands and wives can be together in the same space without fighting like cats and dogs. This sort of divorce is not something that every state allows, but California does. The following paragraphs of this guide feature generic details about collaborative divorce and information about the benefits to collaborative divorce. By the time you’re done reading, you should be able to figure out whether or not this sort of divorce is the right option for you. Good luck as you close a chapter of your life and start a brand new one.
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While every divorce lawyer in the state of California should have some familiarity with collaborative divorce, not all of them specialize in it. If this is the road you want to take, however, you need to make a point of selecting an attorney who deals with collaborative divorce quite regularly. Simply visit your preferred search engine to find collaborative divorce specialists in your part of California. Would I Like to Receive Child Support? If you and your ex have kids together and you’re going to ask to receive full custody of them, you must make a point of researching child support laws in California; your legal counselor can do this with you, if necessary. When you sit down for your collaborative divorce meetings, you ought to be ready for the most tense parts of your sessions to be those that involve child support, unless you and your ex already know how you want to handle this issue. You should be aware of the fact that collaborative divorce isn’t always fast, but it is generally a positive experience for people who choose to go through with it. You can make it through this time of your life if you simply stay positive!

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