Switch to e-cigarettes to extend your life span – What do the stats reveal?

Did you know that all those smokers who smoke cigarettes regularly are more prone to premature deaths than those who don’t? It is also true that the smokers who switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can diminish the risk of dying before the actual mortality age by 5%. But the question among the smokers is that how much longer you can live by quitting smoking.

Well, as per a new study from another Cancer Research center, around 6.7 million smokers who ditched traditional tobacco cigarettes lived a combined 87 million more years as compared to those who didn’t quit. The research which was published in a journal called Tobacco Control was based on a hypothetical situation where cigarette usage is badly replaced by the electronic cigarettes over a period of 10 years.

The Optimistic and the Pessimistic model

After reading this, you must feel eager to buy your vape pens and vape mods from online websites like buyv2cigs.co.uk. But before you move on to doing this, you should learn a little bit on the optimistic and the pessimistic model. According to the former model which is definitely the optimistic model, researchers utilized data from the present electronic cigarette patterns and published results of harm reduction, which is the ability of the electronic cigarettes to let smokers quit. It is through this model that the researchers came to know about the biggest life-saving potential of switching from smoking to vaping.

In the latter case, the pessimistic scenario, e-cigarettes are deemed to be much more harmful and they are also not believed to help you with smoking cessation in any way. Nevertheless, even in the pessimistic model, researchers could find positive results. Around 1.7 million premature deaths could be avoided and 25 million lesser years of life would be lost. It is possible to save lives under the positive scenario which is usually the data which we have seen so far.

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Quitting or starting – What is the actual effect of e-cigs?

As the healthiness of e-cigs are concerned, there are 2 vital health factors also to be taken into account. Does it let people quit smoking or does it motivate more and more from the younger generation to start smoking? The American Lung Association has especially been critical of electronic cigarettes as they think that they’re opening up the gates for kids to take up vaping nicotine.

Therefore, no matter what, it has always been proved that the harm caused by vaping is much less than smoking and hence you should switch to vaping in order to increase your life-expectancy rate.