Smoking Medical Marijuana: What you should know

While there are some people who use marijuana for pleasure, there are others that use the product for medical reasons. Even before you buy that medical marijuana, you should take some time to learn about the many ways that can be used to consume the product. In the US, there are many shops and online stores that deal with medical marijuana and related products. You can view more products at head shop that will help you make the right decision about the consumption method you choose. While there are many ways of consuming marijuana, the common methods being used in the United States include vaporizing and smoking.


Vaporizing marijuana involves the use of a vaporizer. At the moment, there are many vaporizers in the market such as portable vaporizer. This vaporizer works well with dry herb and is also convenient as it can fit in a pocket. Another gadget that is suitable with vaporizing is the vaporizer pen. This pen is inexpensive, works better with oil concentrates and wax. This gadget, however, is not perfect with dry herb. The desktop vaporizer is another common vaporizer in the US. It’s fun, powerful although not portable. An electronic cigarette gives medical marijuana users another way of vaporizing the product. The vaporizer you choose is determined by your preference and pocket.

Benefits of vaporizing

If you ask a medical marijuana user, they will tell you why they love vaporizing. For starters, the process is effective in that it doesn’t leave you smelling smoke. Also, it doesn’t affect your lungs like smoking does. Finally, this process is said to relieve pain instantly. It also has its associated short comings. For instance, it can be expensive as you have to acquire the vaporizers. Also, the batteries used require some recharging. Finally, it is known to take some while before the device can warm up.

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Smoking medical marijuana

Smoking medical marijuana is also a common practice in the United States. In fact, this is the most preferred mode and involves placing dry herb on a joint or on a bong and then lighting the product. Just like vaporizing, smoking has its benefits and short comings. For instance, on the side of benefits, smoking is known to work instantly. Also, with smoking, it’s not possible to overdose. Finally, smoking possesses the advantage of being cheap as no vaporizer is needed. Its shortcomings involve leaving you smelling cannabis and may cause complications such as pulmonary damage and lung damage.

What determines the effect of marijuana?

The effect you feel when you smoke might not be the one that you feel when you vaporize. There are many factors that determine the effect that medical marijuana will have on you. They include factors such as biochemistry, mood, environment and the method of consumption. Remember that there are other factors such as your experience with the product and the quantity of the product you decide to consume. At the same time, there are effects associated with smoking medical marijuana such as affecting your brain function on reaction time, verbal fluency as well as attention to time.