Removing Danger Areas from the Skin

If there are any areas on your skin that appear abnormal or that are concerning because they cause pain, then you should consult with a dermatologist. For many people, areas on the skin are nothing to worry about. However, there are types of skin cancer that need to be removed before the cells spread to other areas of the body. Although the idea of surgery might seem frightening, there are a few reasons as to why it’s not something that you should fear.

Understand the Procedure

Before you have skin cancer surgery lincoln ne doctors perform, you need to talk about the procedure. Ask about how the surgery is performed and if there are any risks or side effects from the procedure. Talk about what to expect from the results as most skin surgeries remove the cancer cells instead of a large area of the skin and tissue in the area. Find out about how to prepare for surgery and if there is anything that you need to do when you go home after the procedure to aid in the healing process.

Who Will Benefit?

While anyone who has areas of concern on their skin will benefit from skin surgery, there are some people who often benefit more. These would be people who have areas around the eyes or on other areas of the face, such as the nose and ears. Skin surgery can essentially be performed on any area of the body if there is any kind of tumor or abnormality. The recovery time is often the same for everyone who has skin surgery but could be a little longer for those who have large areas removed. Those who have thin layers of cancer cells will often benefit the most because there isn’t as much to remove.

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How Long Does Surgery Take?

The length of time that it takes to complete the surgery depends on the location on the body and how large the area is that will be removed. Most surgeries take about an hour with some surgeries taking about three hours, especially if the doctor discovers that there are more cancer cells than originally thought or if there is more damage to the skin than suspected. The time spent getting prepared for the surgery and recovering from anesthesia given is sometimes longer than the actual surgery.

Pain Level

As with any surgery, there is pain involved. However, since skin surgery isn’t as invasive as other types of surgeries, the pain experienced from this kind of procedure usually isn’t as difficult to deal with. You will likely be given pain medication as well as an antibiotic to keep the area from getting infected. If you are awake during the procedure, then a numbing medication will likely be used so that you don’t feel any pain. There will probably some tension as well as pressure as the doctor removes the area on the skin, but with the numbing medication, there shouldn’t be any pain involved. Being awake is often better for recovery as well.