Reasons Why Your Stomach Feels Bloated

Bloating is one of the most uncomfortable conditions. The tightness and pain in the stomach because of gas can be very embarrassing, especially when the gas decides to come out when you least expect it. If you have ever experienced bloating, then you know how important it is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most people always reach for over the counter medication, only for the problem to reoccur. Before you think of curing bloating, you should know some of the top causes of bloating:


Food is the biggest culprit when it comes to bloating. Beans, milk, cabbages and complex sugars are some of the foods that digest slowly in the gut. During digestions, some of these foods tend to produce gas that ends up filling the stomach. Some people who are lactose intolerant develop an allergy when they take milk products. Carbonated drinks such as sodas and juices also tend to cause bloating due to the gas packaged in the bottle. When you get bloated, think of what you have eaten, and you could find the reason.


If you are having less than three bowel movements per week, then you are constipated. When this happens, your stomach gets hard, and you get lower abdominal discomfort. This is often accompanied by a gassy stomach that feels tight to the touch. The most common reason for constipation include lack of fiber and vegetables in your food, and dehydration.


If you take huge portions of food at one sitting, your intestines cannot take it all at the same time. Moreover, eating rapidly can cause you to swallow gas that results to bloating. It is advisable to have smaller and regular portions to allow your stomach enough time to digest food.

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This is a medical cause of bloating. It affects the muscles of the stomach and causes them to stop working properly. This slows down the digestion of food, making you feel bloated, especially after heavy meals.

Lack of Exercises

Most people in big cities live a sedentary life. They sit hours on end in front of their computers and do not have time for exercise. The result is bloating. The body gets dormant, this slows down metabolism. That is why the internet is filled with people entering bloating brooklyn ny” in their search engines, hoping to find solutions. It could be a sign that people in Brooklyn do not exercise much, so their bodies are trying to tell them to get moving.

Gynecological Problems

For women, conditions such endometriosis can cause bloating. When the lining of the womb touches the stomach, it creates undue pressure, leading to a pile up of gas that manifests in the stomach. If your diet is clean, you exercise regularly, and you space your meals, then you should see a gynecologist to know if you have a gynecological condition.

If you are constantly constipated, and you cannot find relief even with the use of gas relief medication, it is time for you to see the doctor. Some serious conditions such as cancers always have bloating as some of the symptoms. Book an appointment with a doctor to get a thorough check if symptoms persist.