Pastor Chris Brings the Glory of God and Hope to Us All

Pastor Chris brought the glory of God to this year’s event during the holy week. It was recorded for those that could not attend. It was the 31st service for Pastor Chris this year. Here is a brief description of his message to bring hope to us all.

The event began with a song of praise that had such an uplifting message. It was refreshing to hear such words of encouragement for those in attendance. The moment was dedicated to God as we all took a moment to praise his precious name. Then came the message of hope to end 2017 with a note of encouragement for all of us. The Revenant was one of praise to God and the whole room was filled with the spirit of praise for several minutes.

After that, the anthem was sung to continue this message of hope to the flock. Then came the awards. The Future African Leaders’ Awards were handed out to the recipients. Those young people are the ones who have contributed to their community. One in particular named Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu was so overcome with the spirit and the award that she feels to the floor on a knee and expressed her love of the Lord in praise for the moment. It was a moment that will not be forgotten. The spirit of God was so amazing.

When Martin PK began singing afterward his song “Beautiful Jesus” it brought such a spirit of joy. As some may know that song won Lima 2017 this last year. That was followed by Sinach sharing the gift of song through praise.

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The BLW community began with Pastor Christ after and filled the hearts of the people with gladness and thankfulness to those that shared in the event. The message brought such hope to the people. It was a sweet moment of a loving community shared through the words there that night.

It ended with the most uplifting words spoken in such a joyous tone. It was a beautiful moment of praise to the Lord. All felt the spirit of the Lord as they witnessed his glorious presence as Dr. Chris Oyakhilome gave his thanks to the Lord for all to witness. Thankfulness for the previous year of 2017 was shared by all as the new year rang in in hope of the Lord’s many blessings. It ended with prayer requests were taken through the glorious gifts of technology used through KingsChat.

This upcoming year of 2018 will be a year of great blessings and gifts from the Lord. This type of message was exactly what so many in the attendance need as the new year begins. It was a night filled with the spirit of God felt by all there. Some had moments that were so spirit filled that it was such a blessing.

Those that could not attend can watch the online video. Even watching through video will bless your heart and fill you with that same spirit of hope which is so needed these days. The blessed assurance of our Lord’s return is, of course, the greatest message of all every day for those that watch with hopeful eyes towards the heavens. May you and your family be blessed this year to come as well by Pastor Chris’ inspiration message of hope.

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