When Should I See a Foot Doctor?

Foot doctors can help all kinds of issues. Many people think they only deal with breaks or sprains, but that isn’t true. If you are having issues with your feet but aren’t sure if you need a foot doctor Smithfield NC, then look at these examples and see if you’re experiencing any of them.

Lump or Growth

You should see a foot doctor if you have a lump or growth that hurts or grows. It could be something simple, like a piece of bone, but it could also be something more serious, like cancer or an infection. As soon as you notice that it’s growing or hurts, you should make an appointment, so you can get it checked out. If it is something serious, putting it off can make the situation worse. You don’t want to deal with the worst-case scenario if it’s something that could have been easily treated and taken care of in the beginning.

Persistent Sores or Wounds

Persistent sores or wounds can be an indicator that something else is going on, such as more serious conditions. For example, having sores that don’t heal easily is one of the symptoms of diabetes. If you do let these go, there’s a chance that things could get much worse. This could be anything from a simple infection, to gangrene, to having to get your foot amputated. The best thing to do is just get to the doctor and discuss your options. Find out what you need to do to get it under control.

Foot or Ankle Joint Pain

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A third reason to see a foot doctor is if you have joint pain in the foot or ankle. Not only could this be a sign of a medical condition, but it could also mean there’s something wrong with the bones in your foot or ankle. Other conditions it could be are: cancer or arthritis, while other problems could be: a break or bone splinters. Letting both of these get worse could result in some pretty dire consequences. You don’t want to deal with these consequences if it’s something that could’ve been easily fixed in the beginning. Over time, things get worse and this is no exception!


These can be a symptom of other conditions, such as nephropathy. This is when you lose sensation in your feet and it’s a result of many other conditions, like diabetes. This could result in you getting some severe ulcers, which open up a whole other can of worms If it isn’t something like that, it could indicate issue with your nerves. This could be something simple like a pinched nerve or something more severe like a nerve that has died or is currently dying.

Keep in mind, you might still need a foot doctor even if your issue isn’t in this article. The best thing to do is just call a doctor’s office and tell them about your issue. They will let you know if you should make an appointment or go to a different type of doctor!