What are the Benefits of Veneers?

Aging results in teeth that become faded, yellow and sometimes chipped and cracked. Veneers are one solution to fix those less than perfect teeth. What exactly are veneers and how are they applied?

Dental veneers are thin shells made of a composite or ceramic material. In order to be fitted, a portion of the front of the tooth is removed to make room for the veneer and it is then bonded to the tooth. The lifetime of the material depends on a lot of factors including the overall health of the person, whether they smoke, care of the teeth and types of foods eaten.

Veneers may not be for everyone and it is important to discuss with your dentist whether they are right for your situation. If you do decide to have veneers applied, they provide many benefits for the person wearing them. For veneers Downers Grove IL, contact your local Cosmetic Dentist or ask your family dentist to provide a referral. Remember that they are just one option for those wanting to improve the look of their smile. Learn more about the benefits below.

Whiter Smile

Veneers are often applied for cosmetic reasons; one is to brighten a smile. As we age, our teeth become discolored and we often try countless whitening products on the market hoping to create a whiter smile. Instead, many people resort to veneers to provide a smile that resembles what our teeth looked like before all of those coffee and food stains. Models, actors and performers often resort to veneers for the same reason the rest of us do – to have a whiter, brighter smile!

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Cover Less than Perfect Teeth

As veneers are placed over a tooth, they serve a major cosmetic purpose of hiding damaged teeth. A tooth that is cracked or chipped is unsightly and placing a veneer over the tooth provides a nicer appearance. It is important to remember that badly damaged teeth will still need more restorative work, such as a crown. Teeth with extensive damage are not suitable for placement of porcelain veneers.

Covers Gaps and Small Teeth

Gaps and small teeth are often attractive in small children but not in adults. If your teeth are gapped or some teeth are smaller than others, veneers just may be for you. A veneer is made specifically to bond to the front of the tooth and created a bit larger to fill gaps or smaller teeth. The resulting look is natural minus gaps and baby teeth.

Improves Self Esteem

A less than perfect smile with stains, gaps, and chips can lead to self-esteem problems. Many people even quit smiling in public to hide their less than perfect teeth. Research shows that people form an opinion about others within the first 90 seconds of meeting them. This affects first impressions from first meetings to a job interview. Veneers improve a smile, leading to more self-confidence. With veneers, no more hiding your mouth or not taking pictures and selfies.