How to Treat Hair Mites Naturally, Permanently Hair lice, Treat Scalp from Lice are a problem in head health that often appears. Not only at this time, hair lice have been famous since the first. Especially in children. Most have lice on their hair. It’s not a big deal. But of course, the presence of fleas in the hair makes our heads uncomfortable because it feels itch constantly. The presence of hair lice brings problems for the sufferer. Just imagine if he should often scratch his head because it feels itchy. Especially when hair lice suck blood from the scalp. If not immediately above, then the adult female hairlines will lay eggs, the number of eggs produced by adult female lice approximately 6 eggs every day. Imagine if there are 10 females of adult female hair on your child’s head. It means there are dozens of ready-made eggs nesting on the hair. It usually takes 8 days for these lice eggs to hatch.

Why do lice on hair need to be removed immediately? His name is lice, he is able to move from one person to another. You do not want if you also get infected with a hair louse? So, before it’s too late, if you have a family or friends who have lice, immediately help him to remove the head lice on his hair. Helping her is the same as helping your hair. If you have problems with hair lice, do not hesitate to come to San Antonio care center.

Causes of Hair Lice Emergence

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How to Treat Hair Mites Traditionally Our lives that often interact with nature will, of course, have an impact on our health. Our lifestyle also influences it turns out, not only positive effects that we can, negative effects also participate. One of them is the appearance of lice in hair. Then what are the causes of the appearance of hair lice?

Using the same comb

Be careful if you use a comb, especially if the previous user has ever had a problem with the tick. Can-can lice eggs that are still left on the comb will move on your head. So, it does not take long eggs will hatch and you also survived to have new hair ticks.

Use the same towel

In addition to comb the use of the same towel with hair fleas can also be the cause of infection of flea eggs in others, so from now on you should be more careful. Use personal towels to be more secure. In addition, not only ticks can be skin problems can be transmitted with the goods used together.

Rarely cares for hair

Hair is a valuable asset. many people are willing to spend a fee that is not cheap, especially the women. the hair becomes the crown he is very guarding. Imagine if your long hair is rarely applied shampoo, rarely cleaned, often exposed to dust and pollution. In addition to damaging the signs, of course, this condition will be a pleasant environment for hair lice.