I Need to Lose About Twenty Pounds

I have decided that I have to lose some weight, although I think that I might start out with a goal that is smaller than what I really need to do. Of course that is because I really do not think I could easily lose as much as I really need to, that is around 25 pounds based on what it says I should weigh on the internet. Of course there must be thousands of diets on the web that you can look at, like nutrisystem for men and all of the thousands of gimmicks that you see. There must be an unlimited number of strange and weird things, many of which are clearly scams or possibly dangerous. I assume that the best thing to do is pretty much what the doctor would tell you to do, even though that is probably not going to be a bit of fun. They know what they want you to do is not fun, but of course it is the thing that works.

So I have been getting up at about five thirty in the morning, since that is when it is nice and cool. I have been working out lightly so far, because I figure it does not good if I start going all out and I just injure myself some way or another. It is easy enough to figure out that you need to take in little amounts of calories and burn out a large number of them, but you really need to get going at a good pace. So far I have been using the stairs at work after walking for about three miles every morning, then when I go some place I do not park as close as you normally would. I park far away and then you have to walk a lot more each day.