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  • 2017-06-06

How Chiropractic Medicine Helps Your Health in Ways You Never Imagined

While you may have experienced the immediate and awesome relief from having a chiropractic alignment performed, you may be unaware of the amazing ways getting regular chiropractic care can help your health. As science is learning more about how our mind and body work together, spinal health is emerging as much more than treating a sore back.

At Menomonee Falls Chiropractor, Pravo Wellness,  we understand that many don’t know there is much more to chiropractic health than help healing from an injury. That’s why we are dedicated to spreading the word that your spinal health is just as important as watching your weight or your cholesterol. For example, Fox Health News touted the benefits of chiropractic medicine as reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine as being far superior in pain relief for neck problems than traditional medication.

Another report cited by Fox Health purports that those who combine regular chiropractic visits with their health care are shown to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical medication by an astonishing 51.8% and show a reduction in emergency room visits by 43%, according to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. These statistics show what those in the field of Chiropractic Medicine have known for years that regular sessions can lead to overall improved health. You can enjoy these improved health statistics too. Start by setting an appointment to see a chiropractor like those at Pravo Wellness. Ask your chiropractor to set up a treatment plan and then follow it. You will feel the difference for yourself.

Do you need more reasons to integrate chiropractic medicine into your routine? Keep reading. An article published in June 2016 by The Truth About Cancer that provided an in depth look into how chiropractors can help improve your overall health. For example, the author reports that among cancer survivors, 84% regularly visit chiropractors to reduce pain and stress, improve sleep and mood.

But you don’t need to be a cancer survivor to benefit from visiting the chiropractor. Not only does an integrated health plan that includes chiropractic medicine help improve your overall health, if you are looking to improve your performance on the tennis court or other sport, your chiropractor can help. If you are looking specifically to improve your game, there are chiropractors that specialize in sports medicine that can take you to the next level.

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? With chiropractic help, these can be significantly reduced, even eliminated. Headaches can be triggered by a day spent hunched over a computer and a simple alignment can relieve the tension causing them. Another benefit of chiropractic medicine is that regular visits will bolster the immune system. Blocked signaling pathways in the nervous system effect the way our immune system functions, so removing these obstacles with gentle spinal manipulation improves your immune response.

There are number of other common conditions chiropractic medicine can help with such as: gastrointestinal disorders, allergies and asthma, pregnancy, even behavioral and learning disabilities have shown improvement with regular integrated chiropractic care.

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  • 2017-05-26

Top Five Oils for Massage Therapy

Massage now a day is just not limited to the medical benefits, but it is also considered as one of the life’s simple luxuries. Integrating essential oils in the massage therapy can add to your retreat by giving you a soothing touch. The therapeutic use essential oil as a strategic tool to give their clients an immediate pain from relief. The soothing oil therapy is well thought-out as spellbinding rejuvenating therapies.

Some healing applications of essential oils would strengthen your belief to incorporate oil massage as a part of your daily tasks. Now the question arises that whether massage can be done without using oil? The answer is yes but integrating oil in the massage helps reduce friction between hands and skin.

No matter whatever the type of massage is including oil in the session enhances the benefits of that massage therapy. In a massage therapy setting, essential oils are used in combination with essential carrier oils to avoid any reaction with the skin. Any massage therapy can prove to be an enjoyable experience if you use good massage carrier oil combined with an appropriate quantity of essential oil added to it. The health benefits will stack up multiple times. Enlisted in this article are some of the best essential oils that can be used in massage therapy because of their inherent features of relaxing and soothing:

1.   Universal Oil: 

Lavender oil is commonly known as the universal oil and is the most popular of essential oils known. The oil has a light, sweet and floral scent that has a very calming effect. Lavender oil can complement the massage therapy with its soothing and balancing effects and act positively on our physical and emotional state. As we already know that essential oils have great healing powers so we can use lavender oil as an antiseptic and pain reliever.

2.   Angelica essential oil:

The massage of Angelica oil is the best option if you want to get rid of sore muscles. It works by relaxing both muscles and nerves. This oil is considered as the “Oil of Angels” in Germany because of its multiple features such as releasing stress, bringing about happiness and helping you to enjoy a sound sleep, especially it works like a miracle for those suffering from insomnia. Moreover, Angelica oil is also famous for its medicinal properties of curing cough and acting as a digestive tonic making it the best oil to choose.

3.   Rose oil:

Rose oil is extracted from Rosa damascene. The research conducted on the benefits of rose oil found that it contained multiple therapeutic compounds that are effective in speeding up the healing process. Rose oil has a broad range of benefits such as it works as an antidepressant, bactericidal, antiviral, antiseptic, hepatic, and a laxative substance. Massage therapy through rose oil is also used to strike emotional balance creating an overall sense of satisfaction.

4.   Olive oil:

Olive oil was popularly known as liquid gold. It is widely used as a home-made massage treatment. It has numerous health benefits and is recommended by massage therapists worldwide. The presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in the olive oil works wonders in relieving pain caused by arthritis, protecting skin against infection and recovering of the inflamed tissues. The present day jobs are mostly computer-centric that demands sitting in front of the screen for long hours due to which strain is created in the muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders. Massage therapy of upper and lower back not only releases the tension but also boost your energy by the increase in blood circulation.

5.   Geranium essential oil:

The Geranium Essential Oil is famous for its relaxing and enriching effects. This oil has various medicinal properties that revitalize the body by stimulating the nervous system and increasing the blood flow. It is being researched for its potential property of treating diabetes. It has high anti-proliferative effects which are considered as highly effective in fighting cancer if followed by proper chemotherapy treatments. The oil also contains some flavonoids that add to the healing power of germanium hence making its use suitable both for conventional and complementary alternative medicine.

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Stress And Skin Health

Stress has become an integral part of our lives. Stress is also called the twentieth century complex, when the digestive system is affected so it does not work normally. Dermatologists around the world also agree that it actually affects our skin.

The Dermatologists argue that it expels important vitamins from our body through the skin. Essential vitamins wil run out from our body are vitamins C, E, and B. Aging of the skin occurs at the level of the sebaceous glands. In most cases it causes acne Vulgaris.

In fact, it is based on the reaction of “face or run”. This chemical alarm responds, by controlling blood flow containing energy particles called ATP’S, to the vital areas of the body, which must struggle with stress. Blood flow, did not reach the skin during the fight. Thus the skin lacks nutrients and oxygen. The result is the skin becomes less flexible and becomes dehydrated. In such circumstances aging is set faster. Lately it has been found that stress is the leading cause of premature aging.

During stress hormones and chemicals remain suppressed in the bloodstream for longer periods of time than usual. Continuous muscle compression due to stress results in permanent lines and wrinkles.

People who experience this symptoms do not all feel weak and nauseated, headache or even fainting. But their bodies are showing signs of Stress Through Skin Appearance. Moreover, coupled with the lack of healthy food intake, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and no time to rest.

All of the above mentioned factors are the main factor. It will consumes the human immune system and the digestive system. The human skin is the cover and acts as the body’s defense shield. Stress puts its effects on our digestive system, the growth of the hormonal system. It also affects our reproductive system and our largest organs of our skin.

Stress Effects On Skin Health :

  • Mottled or pale skin color
    The skin will look uneven.
  • Dry skin
    The body can no longer distribute liquids properly.
  • Skin loss shines
    The skin will no longer have a certain light.
  • Skin disorders
    Itching, dry, cracked.
  • Acne


How to Overcome Stress

  1. Diligently eating fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants
    Antioxidants against harmful free radicals. This will help normalize the oxidation process.
  2. Exercise every day
    Exercising can help increase the production of neurotransmitters that can minimize cellular oxidation.
  3. Use a better skin moisturizer
    Moisturizer should be packed with CynergyTK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle HEQ10. This can help protect hyaluronic acid. Nano Lipobelle HEQ10 is an antioxidant. It can help fight free radicals that cause stress.

Fruits for Your Healthy Skin

Fruits for Healthy Skin

watermelon fruits
Skin is wrapping the human body. Everyone want a healthy skin, not to mention women, men, young, and old. To get healthy skin, many people are willing to spend a big cost, even with the pain of anyone willing to perform surgeries for the skin, like plastic surgery, lasers and many more. And to get healthy skin it does not have to be expensive and do not have to be full of struggle. Did you know the benefits of fruits for skin health?

Fruit are tasty and health for human body, for the skin, fruit are also very useful. To get healthy and beautiful skin, the amount of fiber and vitamins in the fruit play a vital role. Fiber increases the body’s metabolism, one of them is preparing the skin protein. Vitamin C contained in the fruit can improve skin elasticity and elasticity.

Another way to consume fruit, beside you can eat it, is make it as a masker. Plastic acid chemicals in bananas, apples, barks are good for toning the skin. Mango, pears, apples contain vitamin E is sufficient and useful as an antioxidant to eradicate the seeds of disease that hit the surface of both the outer skin and in the skin. Therefore, in addition to good consumption, fruit with vitamin E is suitable used as a mask ingredient that works to clean and reduce inflammation or skin irritation caused by microorganisms.

What fruits do you need?

Fruits for skin health with thousands of benefits to make our pocket should not be drained out to buy expensive cosmetics and treatment. Cucumber and watermelon efficacious brighten the skin if worn as a mask, and give the skin freshness if consumed.

Bengkoang, known to brighten the skin and provide protection against ultra violet rays. Bengkoang has the content of rotenone, vitamin B and vitamin C. Kiwi fruit with vitamin E content and strawberry fruit with essential oil content, if mixed as a good mask to moisturize dry skin and free skin from acne. So now we know that so many benefits from fruits, right?

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  • 2017-04-13

Face Up to Ageing

We all age differently, but our faces eventually show three common elements: sagging and loose skin, changes in the texture and quality of the skin; and volume changes around the eyes and cheeks, with increased volume around the jowls.

When we age, the overall facial balance changes, to rejuvenate the face and gain the best result, its necessary to address and restore each of these elements with a different approach.

Esteem Medi Spa clinic is south east Queensland’s number one destination for rejuvenation and aesthetics. Unlike the average clinic, they provide a unique blend of medical approaches, for results like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Lifting Sagging Skin

Thread lifts give a beautiful result and typically last between three and five years. There is no surgery, no scarring and it’s less expensive than a full facelift because there is no anaesthetic and no hospital stay.

Also called a filament lift, a thread lift is a non-surgical method of facial revitalisation which allows repositioning and lifting of facial tissues to help repair youthful contours. It is particularly indicated for cheeks, brows, jowls and at times, the neck. The filaments are absorbable surgical threads and are created with directional barbs or cogs, which allow for lifting and repositioning. The filaments anchor themselves within the tissues and offer powerful lifting capabilities.

The procedure is rather quick and can be performed under local anaesthetic, with some temporary swelling and bruising afterwards.

The results of the thread lift improve between three to six months as collagen is accelerated and contracts around each filament, causing even further lifting. Downtime is usually a few days and results can last for up to five years.

The modern facelift is customised to each patient, to provide individualised natural-looking results, so the patient still retains their unique look but feels like a younger version of themselves.

The incision usually starts in the hair close to the temple and follows all the way down to the front of the ear, to the back of the ear and into the hair. This placement allows the scar to be hidden. The sagging tissue and facial muscles are tightened, excess skin is removed, and the skin that remains is moved to create a more youthful look.

Restoring Drooping Eyes

Eyes are an essential feature of a person’s face and are one of the first areas of the face to show signs of ageing. Eyelids are not addressed by a facelift, so many patients often undergo a blepharoplasty at the same time as a facelift.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical method, which is administered on either the lower or upper eyelids or both, to get rid of excess bulging or skin folds.

Blepharoplasty can improve the wrinkles and bags around the eyes. However, it will not help fine lines and wrinkles on the temples, forehead or cheeks. It will not fix problems created by drooping eyebrows either, so the position of the brow also needs to be considered to determine whether a brow lift may be more appropriate.

Loss of volume under the eyes may be due to loss of volume in the cheeks and a dragging down of the cheek area. The volume can be replaced through strategic placement of dermal fillers, to help recontour and improve the appearance of the eye area.

Adding Volume

A surgical facelift or thread lift will address loose skin, but it won’t repair volume or enhance the quality and texture of the skin. Fillers can be used with either lift to refine and complement the results. Temporary, semi-permanent or permanent fillers can be utilised appropriately to fix the hollows under the eyes, loss of volume in the cheeks and the lines around the mouth.

In addition to resurfacing the skin to reveal a fresher, smoother complexion, laser light has therapeutic properties, helping to stimulate new collagen formation which in turn improves the smoothness and tone of the skin. Laser photo rejuvenation also helps with broken capillaries, excessive redness, freckles and uneven pigmentation.…

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  • 2017-03-16

The 10 Best Resources For Skincare

Tips While Using Black Masks You need to make sure that you are able to get the right kind of skin care that is totally essential and important for you so that you will see to it that you are getting the best things in life. There are a lot of important factors that you will have to look for in a product that can guarantee you with the best result and that it is essential that you will try such a product so so you should be happy about its outcome at the end of the day. There are dozens of skin care products that are available for you to try and that it is essential that you will really find the one that will give you a spa like treatment while you are at home and that is what will really make you happy. It would be an important consideration to see to it that you are pampering your skin such that you are getting all the best that this world has to offer and that it is necessary that you will do all possible things so that you will really be happy with the outcome. When you see that you are having problems with your oily skin, then using the right kind of facial mask will allow you to fix all your problems you are having. You need to really find the right kind of skin care product that will give you the right kind of result so you should ever ask for such that you will truly see that there is really a big different and so you should fully get the right results in their proper perspective so that you get the best thing you can ever hope for. When you are having normal to dry skin, then you will never have to worry about finding the right products for you, you are given the opportunity to see that you get the right results so you should ever try. Deep nourishing is what you will benefit from the use of the facial mask and that it is essential something that will allow you to get the best results so you should ever hope for. You will see that as you look into the facial mask that you are buying, it contains a product that will combat the excessive oiliness and that is something that will be necessary for your skin. It is a matter of importance that you will essentially find the mask that can give you the best results you have only been dreaming to get and that will truly make you happy at the end of the day. It would be an important consideration that you will get the right kind of result for your skin such as getting microabrasives so that you will truly be happy about the kind of results that you will be seeing and that is what will truly matter.The Key Elements of Great Options

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The Path To Finding Better Services

Health Insurance and What You Need to Know Before Getting One for Yourself Your individual health insurance can already be bought online and these many offers may give you confusion with the prices and different choices available. Admittedly, a health insurance could be one of the more expensive items that you will include in your budget, but can also be one of your best decisions for yourself and your family, considering you have selected the right health plan with some knowhow. There are some essential guidelines that we will discuss here briefly when buying your health insurance. Number one guideline is to take health insurance advice only from the expert of the subject and not those who are not qualified. You may hear some advice from your relatives, or other friend who are not related to the insurance, and so they do not know for sure what to answer to your needs and questions. It is recommended therefore that before you decide which insurance health plan is best for your needs, that you talk to an insurance specialist first.
Businesses – Getting Started & Next Steps
The second guideline when purchasing your health insurance is to determine your needs such as your budget, trends of your doctors, hospital visits, and prescription drug usage. Asking yourself with the following questions will help you determine the kind of health insurance plan to buy, like how often do you go to your doctors and are these for just checkups or because you were sick, how many times you were hospitalized in the past two years, or are your prescriptions regular and generic or branded, and other relevant questions. Maximum coverage for the areas mentioned is not always possible due to budget restrictions, but there are health insurance plans that can offer you more than one version in one plan.
Study: My Understanding of Policies
Your next tip is to remember to resist in over-insuring yourself. Some may have the idea that they have a good insurance if they get the maximum coverage for the doctors, hospitals, prescriptions and others, but actually not, so resist to over-insure. Note that most individuals who have health insurance will not need all of the coverage and so a basic premium cost would suffice. There are some sources in order to find the most economical and useful health insurance deals. First is to contact some state department or bureaus who can offer customer service with regards to insurance. They have good base knowledge of the different types of insurance plans available in your locality. Second is to work with an insurance agent or broker because these are the people who have the best available products in health insurance in the current market. Third is also to check out trade organizations that may offer health insurance coverage to you at an affordable cost.…