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RO Water Purifiers are not just the purifiers anymore. They have become a necessity today and not a luxury anymore. They exude a sense of style and add to the kitchen interiors.  As the demand, so is the supply of these stylish water purifiers. Traditionally, wall mounted water purifiers were more preferred in Indian kitchens than any other type of purifier. But, as the modular kitchens have numerous cabinets, the demand for under the counter has become popular and is still on the rise.

After analyzing the below points, it can be easily decided which type of water purifier you should opt for installing in your kitchen. Let’s get started.

  • Whether the kitchen is simple or modular one

If the kitchen is simple and not modular in looks, wall-mounted RO Water Purifier is the best option to go for. The wall mounted purifier can be used as the over the top counter water purifier also, if situation demands. For modular kitchens, under the counter is better as it gets hidden and the outlet pipe directly flushes out in drain. Also, it helps in saving a lot of space. The biggest advantage in both the water purifiers is that, they have their own capacity and can be used without electricity as well.

  • Convenient to use

A wall mounted water purifier provides the advantage of filling water with ease, as the water automatically flows down, whereas there is a pressure pump in case of under-the-counter water purifier and the water needs to be pressurized to flow upwards. But when it comes to filling of bottles, one can just place the bottle under the faucet over the sink and hence there is no need of holding the bottle till it gets filled.

  • Size and designs

As Wall mounted water purifier need to be light, there are limited number of size and design whereas in the case of under the counter RO water purifier, more styles, size and design options are available.

  • Draining of the water

Nobody likes kitchen to be wet and messy. In the case of under the counter water purifier, the faucet is attached with the kitchen sink tap and the excess water is drained out from the sink itself. When it comes to wall mounted water purifier, chances are there that water will get spilled and will make the kitchen look messy.

  • Servicing

As under the counter water purifiers are placed at the ground level, they can be easily serviced and maintained. Wall mounted purifier, however, need more maintenance than under the counter. More maintenance is required because every time it needs to be serviced, it needs to be detached from the installed area.

So, in terms of the need, maintenance and modernization of the kitchen, under the counter water purifier outscores wall mounted water purifier. But in the end, it is the customer who has to decide.

The sector that witnesses the maximum air traffic is the Delhi – Mumbai sector. You have 1605 flights from Delhi to Mumbai on a weekly basis. If you do a rough calculation, it amounts to around one flight every 6 to 7 minutes. This is a spellbinding piece of statistic. In spite of this frequency of flights, it is a tough task to book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets.

Airlines Servicing this Sector

Almost all airlines having their operations in India service this sector. The most prominent among them are Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Vistara, Indian Airlines, GoAir, and Air India. You have many foreign airlines starting from Delhi and having a halt at Mumbai. Hence, there is no dearth of flights from Delhi to Mumbai.

Cost of Air Tickets from Delhi to Mumbai

This is the beauty of air travel. You cannot compare the cost of a rail ticket with that of a flight ticket. The rail ticket has a fixed rate irrespective of the time you book your ticket. This is not the case with flight tickets. The flexibility associated with the cost of flight tickets is what makes it interesting.

In our case, booking a ticket 15 days in advance would cost you in the range of Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000. At the same time, the rates go up to between Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 if you wish to fly the same day.

Why Cheap Tickets

Normally people like to book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets for various reasons. One of the principal reasons is that there are low-cost airlines that offer such cheap fares. Naturally, you sacrifice in areas like leg room, baggage allowances, food, and so on. But, you do end up saving a lot of money because the flying time is just around 2 hours and 15 minutes. You can put up with the inconvenience.

5 Different ways to book cheap flights from Delhi to Mumbai

  • Directly from the airline’s website

This is one of the simplest methods to book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets. There is no intermediary in between. You access the website of the airlines and book your tickets online. Usually, you do not get discounts on this method. However, you will be able to use your credit cards and avail the discounts offered by your banks. Many banks give cashback offers and air miles points. There is a disadvantage in this method of booking tickets. You do not get the opportunity of comparing the rates of other airlines operating flights on the same route.

  • Through travel agencies

There are hundreds of private travel agencies in Delhi that can help you book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets. The advantage is that you do not have to do the booking. You submit your personal information to the travel agency. The agency does a search and offers you a range of flights to choose from. You inform the agency about your choice and they book the ticket for you. You have to make the payment to the travel agency. The travel agencies can get you attractive discounts from the airline’s websites but you will not be able to use your credit cards. Hence, you miss out on your bank’s discount offers.

  • Through travel search engines

This is the most popular method to book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets. You use the internet to search for cheap flight tickets to Mumbai and the travel search engines offer you a variety of choices. You can choose your flight and click on the ‘Book’ option. The travel search engine then directs you to the official website of the airline’s companies. You can then book your tickets in the normal way. There is a benefit when you book through the travel search engines. You can use the discount coupon code offered by the travel search engine at the appropriate place before finalizing the payment. You can also use your credit card and get the benefits of your bank discount offers. Thus, it is one of the best methods to book cheap tickets.

  • Try out the airport route:

In case you need to travel urgently, you can approach the airline’s office counters at the airports. They can offer you on the spot tickets. These tickets are expensive. But, you might land a good deal at times. It can happen that there might be a last minute cancellation. Normally these airlines do not refund the ticket fares. Sometimes, they do so to maintain customer service. Under such circumstances, they can offer the tickets to you. If you are lucky enough and have excellent bargaining skills, you might as well clinch a great deal and book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets.

  • The international airline route:

Many international airlines fly from Delhi to various destinations. Some of them have halts at Mumbai. They might have an onward passenger from Mumbai. But, they have to fly with a vacant seat from Delhi to Mumbai. You can try out this option to book this seat at cheap rates. You might land the deal. The airlines have nothing to lose. It is a win-win situation for all.


You have just seen 5 simple ways to book cheap Delhi to Mumbai flight tickets. Naturally, the travel search engine route is the most reliable one to get you really cheap tickets.…


There are many diseases that can infect you and make permanent damage is the infection spreads to other organs. One of the most common infections is bladder infection, this kind of infection will affect your kidneys and damaging your whole body if you are not treats them properly. There are many ways to treat your bladder infection. However, if you are not treating bladder infection properly, you might not able to cure the bladder infection or even helping the infection spreading. Today, I will provide you a step by step guide on how to treat a bladder infection properly.

The first step is consult with your doctor. Usually a doctor will provide you a variety of antibiotics to treat your bladder infections, such as amoxicillin, ampicillin and ciprofloxacin. Make sure to ask about each of this antibiotic function and how you should take them. Your doctor will provide doses according to the severity of the infection. I recommend you to ask for augmentin for amoxicillin for the best result to cure your bladder infection. To lessen pain, you might need to take an analgesic so you won’t feel too much pain when urinating.

The next step is tried to drink and eat healthily. You might want to try cranberry juice, because cranberry juice is having anti infection property. This infection fighting property will be able to relieve your bladder infection and improve your bladder. However, make sure to drink appropriately, and stop drinking if you are getting diarrhea. Fresh water is also capable to dilute your urine and remove any bacteria from your bladder, therefore make sure to drink regularly and properly.

The next step is avoiding any drinks that capable to damage your bladder. Don’t drink any alcohol, caffeine or even acidic drink such as citrus juice. This kind of drink will irritate your bladder and open up any wound on your bladder. I recommend you to stop this kind of drinks until your bladder infection clears up and heals.

The next step is preventing for bladder infection coming back. Make sure that you are drinking enough water at least 237 ml glasses of water daily. Avoid any beverages such as alcohol, coffee or caffeine, cola and citrus juice, or reduce them.

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Pastor Chris brought the glory of God to this year’s event during the holy week. It was recorded for those that could not attend. It was the 31st service for Pastor Chris this year. Here is a brief description of his message to bring hope to us all.

The event began with a song of praise that had such an uplifting message. It was refreshing to hear such words of encouragement for those in attendance. The moment was dedicated to God as we all took a moment to praise his precious name. Then came the message of hope to end 2017 with a note of encouragement for all of us. The Revenant was one of praise to God and the whole room was filled with the spirit of praise for several minutes.

After that, the anthem was sung to continue this message of hope to the flock. Then came the awards. The Future African Leaders’ Awards were handed out to the recipients. Those young people are the ones who have contributed to their community. One in particular named Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu was so overcome with the spirit and the award that she feels to the floor on a knee and expressed her love of the Lord in praise for the moment. It was a moment that will not be forgotten. The spirit of God was so amazing.

When Martin PK began singing afterward his song “Beautiful Jesus” it brought such a spirit of joy. As some may know that song won Lima 2017 this last year. That was followed by Sinach sharing the gift of song through praise.

The BLW community began with Pastor Christ after and filled the hearts of the people with gladness and thankfulness to those that shared in the event. The message brought such hope to the people. It was a sweet moment of a loving community shared through the words there that night.

It ended with the most uplifting words spoken in such a joyous tone. It was a beautiful moment of praise to the Lord. All felt the spirit of the Lord as they witnessed his glorious presence as Dr. Chris Oyakhilome gave his thanks to the Lord for all to witness. Thankfulness for the previous year of 2017 was shared by all as the new year rang in in hope of the Lord’s many blessings. It ended with prayer requests were taken through the glorious gifts of technology used through KingsChat.

This upcoming year of 2018 will be a year of great blessings and gifts from the Lord. This type of message was exactly what so many in the attendance need as the new year begins. It was a night filled with the spirit of God felt by all there. Some had moments that were so spirit filled that it was such a blessing.

Those that could not attend can watch the online video. Even watching through video will bless your heart and fill you with that same spirit of hope which is so needed these days. The blessed assurance of our Lord’s return is, of course, the greatest message of all every day for those that watch with hopeful eyes towards the heavens. May you and your family be blessed this year to come as well by Pastor Chris’ inspiration message of hope.…

Most of us are clueless when we first visit an Ayurvedic practitioner. We have no idea what goes behind the science of Ayurveda. With a lot of presumptions in mind and a lot of questions to ask, we are usually wondering what is true and what is not.


Here are a few factors involved in Ayurvedic treatment:

  1. Herbs and herbal formulas- In many cases, herbs and herbal formulas are used as medication. Ayurveda states that the effectiveness of each herb can be determined on the basis of its taste, potency, and its post-digestive effect. Ayurvedic medicines and administering of herbs is an exact science and should be performed by a qualified practitioner only. Ayurveda understands that there are side-effects of herbs as well, and thus they should not be consumed or given without proper supervision. Ayurveda as a medicine requires deep knowledge of many sciences such as human physiology, herbology, psychology, and even biochemistry.
  2. Panchakarma- Panchakarma is a multi-step detoxification process that involves the removal of a toxin through treatments followed by strict diets and therapy. The treatment involves massages, steam treatment, Vamana (induced vomiting), Nasya (nasal treatment), virechana (natural and oil-based laxatives being used to remove toxins), Basti (medicated enema), and bloodletting. This is an invasive procedure complemented by suggested changes in the daily routine as well. Such a treatment should be closely monitored by an ayurvedic practitioner.
  3. Diet and nutrition- The science of Ayurveda firmly believes that a person’s nutrition and diet play a crucial role in a healthy life. It is an important component of recovery, healing, and treatment. It is one of the most important elements of disease management as well. There are 6 main “tastes” that are the basis of decisions of dosage and administration by practitioners. These are- Sweet: promotes strength and provides nourishment to tissues; sour- helps in digestion; salty- helps maintain electrolytes and water balance in the body; bitter- stimulates other tastes; astringent: helps with absorption; pungent- helps to improve absorption as well as digestion.
  4. Ayurvedic massages and Shirodhara- Ayurvedic massages are performed by trained ayurvedic masseuses and involve oils made in decoction as per the practitioners’ recommendations and diagnosis. Shirodhara, on the other hand, is a special ayurvedic technique that involves dripping of medicated oil on the forehead, also known as the third eye region. Such therapy, the kind of oil used, frequency of treatment, and duration are all decided by the Ayurvedic practitioner. All Shirodhara must be performed under the supervision and should always be performed by a trained therapist.

These are some of the factors involved in a general ayurvedic treatment. It may vary person to person and ailment to ailment. A practitioner may suggest some changes in daily and seasonal routines to ensure that all treatments are in sync with your routine and body cycle.

As much as Ayurvedic is a natural science, it requires in-depth study of many aspects before any medication or treatment can be administered. It is advised to not self-medicate, even naturally, as all herbs have side effects too.…

Can a State of Emergency Fix the Opioid Crisis?

Although the Trump administration recently declared the opioid epidemic in the United States a public health emergency, many are calling for the government to do more, specifically for them to declare the crisis a national state of emergency. A study by breaks down the ways in which a state of emergency would actually be more helpful in allowing us to cope with the opioid crisis and potentially even create changes that could solve the problem.

A public health emergency is a declaration that lasts 90 days and generally is reserved for natural disasters and sudden outbreaks of diseases. This type of emergency can allow for the government to allocate additional resources to the issue of opioid abuse and addiction as well as waive some of the mandates associated with healthcare, such as those specifically associated with government insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

A state of emergency, on the other hand, lasts for one year and usually covers situations that go beyond ordinary disasters. This type of declaration allows the government to bend certain laws in order to help more people, something many individuals feel is necessary to fix the opioid crisis. Though there are 28 current states of emergency in the U.S. today, none of these are associated with a medical issue like opioid addiction.

A public health emergency can solve some of the issues associated with opioid addiction, but this problem has gone far beyond an issue that could be reasonably solved—or even addressed—in 90 days. Heroin addiction is claiming more people in the U.S. every year, and people are cutting it with cheap, synthetic opioids like fentanyl, leading to more overdoses. In addition, opioid abuse has actually lowered the life expectancy in the U.S. for the first time since 1993, which occurred at the height of the opioid crisis. If declaring a public health emergency can do anything, it doesn’t seem it will be enough.

However, if the government were to declare the opioid epidemic a state of emergency, many different, widespread changes could occur. For example, government departments could give people more access to life-saving medications like naloxone, and more treatment centers that offer medication-assisted treatment could open. Also, addiction treatment centers could receive more funding from the government, which would mean they wouldn’t have to require payment from patients as often, making treatment easier to afford. Finally, declaring this to be a serious crisis could remove some of the stigma associated with addiction, making it less likely for people to feel addicts should be punished in prison rather than treated.

Declaring the opioid epidemic a state of emergency may not suddenly solve the problem of opioid abuse, addiction, and overdose in the U.S., but it does seem likely it would go a lot farther to creating positive change than what has occurred so far. Of course, there are also many things you can do at home to fight this problem, chief among them being the act of supporting any loved ones with an addiction and making sure they receive professional help.


How to Treat Hair Mites Naturally, Permanently Hair lice, Treat Scalp from Lice are a problem in head health that often appears. Not only at this time, hair lice have been famous since the first. Especially in children. Most have lice on their hair. It’s not a big deal. But of course, the presence of fleas in the hair makes our heads uncomfortable because it feels itch constantly. The presence of hair lice brings problems for the sufferer. Just imagine if he should often scratch his head because it feels itchy. Especially when hair lice suck blood from the scalp. If not immediately above, then the adult female hairlines will lay eggs, the number of eggs produced by adult female lice approximately 6 eggs every day. Imagine if there are 10 females of adult female hair on your child’s head. It means there are dozens of ready-made eggs nesting on the hair. It usually takes 8 days for these lice eggs to hatch.

Why do lice on hair need to be removed immediately? His name is lice, he is able to move from one person to another. You do not want if you also get infected with a hair louse? So, before it’s too late, if you have a family or friends who have lice, immediately help him to remove the head lice on his hair. Helping her is the same as helping your hair. If you have problems with hair lice, do not hesitate to come to San Antonio care center.

Causes of Hair Lice Emergence

How to Treat Hair Mites Traditionally Our lives that often interact with nature will, of course, have an impact on our health. Our lifestyle also influences it turns out, not only positive effects that we can, negative effects also participate. One of them is the appearance of lice in hair. Then what are the causes of the appearance of hair lice?

Using the same comb

Be careful if you use a comb, especially if the previous user has ever had a problem with the tick. Can-can lice eggs that are still left on the comb will move on your head. So, it does not take long eggs will hatch and you also survived to have new hair ticks.

Use the same towel

In addition to comb the use of the same towel with hair fleas can also be the cause of infection of flea eggs in others, so from now on you should be more careful. Use personal towels to be more secure. In addition, not only ticks can be skin problems can be transmitted with the goods used together.

Rarely cares for hair

Hair is a valuable asset. many people are willing to spend a fee that is not cheap, especially the women. the hair becomes the crown he is very guarding. Imagine if your long hair is rarely applied shampoo, rarely cleaned, often exposed to dust and pollution. In addition to damaging the signs, of course, this condition will be a pleasant environment for hair lice.…